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Cumbia All Stars, Peru


The Cumbia All Stars is a stellar ensemble comprised of musicians from the legendary bands of psychedelic Peruvian Cumbia who have united to recreate the sound they helped popularize during the 1970s. The band members started their careers as pioneers in a Peruvian variant of Cumbia, a music genre popular throughout Latin America that originated along Colombia’s Caribbean coast and Panama with cultural roots in local indigenous populations. Cumbia All Stars presents an original sound of delirious melodies with bold guitar, dissonances and funky beats. The group has completed three world tours and performed at important international festivals including Shambala (United Kingdom), Festival Paleo (Chile), Polé Polé (Belgium) and 2013 WOMEX. Cumbia All Stars tours with the support of Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America in 2015-2016. Click on the calendar for all tour dates.

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Cumbia All Stars, Peru

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