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Elizabeth Rodríguez: “Violeta,” Chile


Independent educator and choreographer Elizabeth Rodriguez trained as an engineer while undergoing dance studies at University of Arcis, and her work often incorporates original set designs evoking principles of physics and engineering. “Violeta” is a multidsciplinary piece that explores the visual work of the great Chilean artist Violeta Parra. In honor of the 100 year celebration of Parra’s birth, the piece pays homage to the artist through distinctive choreography, inviting viewers to discover colors, textures, materials, characters and emotions conjured by the artist. This is the United States’ premier of “Violeta.” Rodriguez trained in dance at the Spiral of the University of Arcis (Chile), and in 1995 received a fellowship residency to study Movement Research in New York. Elizabeth Rodríguez tours with the support of Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America in 2016-2017. Click on calendar for all tour dates.

Radicales Libres

Recognized choreographer Elizabeth Rodríguez experiments with the possibilities of light, age, memory, identity and the body. Video clip of the production at Centro Gabriela Mistral.

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Elizabeth Rodríguez: “Violeta,” Chile

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