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Inti-Illimani, Chile


In 1967, university students founded the group Inti-Illimani.  They quickly rose to prominence in Chile for their song Veneceremos (We Shall Win), which became the anthem for the government of Salvador Allende.  Exiled for a time after the military coup that ousted President Allende, the ensemble has become perhaps the best known representatives of the nueva canción movement, which combines traditional music with social and political content.   In addition to public performances, consortium members partnered with community, cultural, education, and social service organizations to conduct film screenings, panel discussions, and lecture demonstrations, as well as social events with the visiting artists.  Three of the consortium members worked with their local public radio stations to live stream the concerts.  The tour took place in October 2012.

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Inti-Illimani, Chile

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