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Silencio Blanco: Chiflón, el silencio del carbón, Chile


Under the direction of Santiago Tobar, the puppetry ensemble Silencio Blanco is known for working with white marionettes, constructed with a newspaper base, that perform in silence; no dialogue is used and the marionettes do not speak. Human sensations are represented through everyday situations and familiar gesture movements. Bunraku and marionette puppeteers transmit the human movement through the puppet, provoking illusion and suspended belief so that it appears as if even the heartbeat of the characters can be heard.  “Chiflón, el silencio del carbón” or “Chiflón, the silence of coal,” is the company’s third work and explores the story of a young miner forced to find work in one of the most dangerous mines in Chile after the mine where he worked collapses. The mining industry has played a crucial role in Chile’s history and the company is committed to instigating further thinking and conversation about the troubling conditions in the post-industrial 21st century, which often stay invisible despite strident headlines. Based in part on the story of “El Chiflón del Diablo” by distinguished Chilean author Baldomero Lillo, and site visits to Chilean mining towns over a period of two years, the fruits of this lengthy creative process have resulted in an intimate feast for the eyes and spirit. The highest imagination and modesty in scale conspire to create a greatly accessible and deeply engaging puppet work for adults and ages 10+. Silencio Blanco tours with the support of Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America in 2016-2017. Click on calendar for all tour dates.

Chiflón, el silencio del carbón (teaser HD)

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Silencio Blanco: Chiflón, el silencio del carbón, Chile

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