Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America

Changes in Project Proposal

Any changes in the content, schedule, or budget of your project as proposed must be submitted in writing for approval prior to being implemented. Requested changes must be submitted to Phillip Harmon, Grants and Operations Officer, at

Funding Acknowledgement and Crediting

Acknowledgement and Crediting requirements were included as Exhibit A of the Grant Award Agreement.

Grantees must clearly acknowledge support from Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through use of both the credit language and logo as outlined below. Use of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation logo does not replace the credit language. Copies of the required crediting materials must be submitted as part of the final report.

Credit and Logo Usage Details
The following statement and the Southern Exposure logo, and where space permits, the logos of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts MUST appear in all programs, websites and press releases produced by the funded organization or its agents in relation to the funded project. In addition, the following statement and the Southern Exposure logo should be included whenever possible, either jointly or separately as necessary, in all flyers and postcards, email communications, season brochures, social media posts and calendars, and any other print or electronic promotional and publicity materials produced by the funded organization or its agents in relation to the funded project.

This engagement of [ARTIST] is funded through Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America, a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.

Website Link
Grantees are required to include a link to the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation website at when crediting Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation on their website. This link MUST remain active during the entire length of your grant period with MAAF. You are requested, but not required, to embed the link in MAAF’s logo.

Southern Exposure Final Reporting

Final reports are due thirty (30) days after the end of the grant period on record as listed in the Grant Award Agreement.

Final reports should be completed online using the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s eGRANT system at Please read the below information and instruction in the eGRANT system carefully.

Log in to the existing account used to submit the project application. The Main Menu of your account will now show a Final Report phase in the Drafts menu. Check the box for the Final Report, and select the Edit option at the top of the screen to begin completing the report. Follow the instructions in the eGRANT.

If you do not remember your login and/or password, please use the links on the eGRANT login page to retrieve the information.

Please make sure you have reviewed all of your information entered into the final report before submission. With the one possible exception listed below, pressing the Submit button on the Submit page of the eGRANT will constitute the full submission of the final report. Changes to your final report information and data will not be possible after submission.

You can print a copy of your final report for your records (in draft form before submission from the Drafts menu or completed after submission from the History menu) by checking the box next to the final report and selecting the View option at the top of the screen.

The final report can be filed completely electronically with the following possible exception:
If you do not have the required publicity materials and programs crediting Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in a digital format that can be uploaded in the eGRANT final report, they must be mailed along with identification of your eGRANT Application ID or grant number, to Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. Final reports will be considered incomplete until ALL materials have been received. These materials can be mailed to:

Final Reports
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
201 N. Charles St., Suite 401
Baltimore, MD 21201

Failure to submit the final reports by the required due dates may result in the forfeiture of the final ten percent payment and will affect eligibility for future support from Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.

For any questions about the final reporting requirements, contact Phillip Harmon at or 410/539-6656 x109.

Daymé Arocena, Cuba

Artist & Tour Spotlight

Daymé Arocena, Cuba

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  • DanzAbierta, Cuba Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Philadelphia, PA
    March 22, 2018 - March 23, 2018
  • Betsayda Machado & La Parranda El Clavo, Venezuela Koubek Center Miami, FL
    April 20, 2018 - April 21, 2018
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